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Turkey: 7 Churches of Revelation and Istanbul. Israel: Various Holy Land sites.
Day 1 Gate entrance to Aphrodisias (1 1/2 mile wide city)Day 1 Street in Aphrodisias with Agora (and reflection pool) behind the columnsDay 1 Theater in Aphrodisias. Held 10,000.Day 1 Roman road in Laodicea. 2 mile long city known for bankingDay 2 Synagogue in Sardis. 1st minted money from here. Gold was mined near here.Day 2 Altar area of Synagogue. One of the largest synagogue until 6th C. A.D.Day 2 Gymnasium in Sardis. Only 1/5 of the gym is seen today.Day 2 Gymnasium with effectsDay 2 Looking up at the gymnasiumDay 2 - Theater at Pergamum. Was for a time capital of AsiaDay 2 Me at the Theater in Laodicea. Was steepest in the world (is there one steeper today?)Day 2 About to climb down.Day 2 Theater in Pergamum. Held 10,000Day 2 Library in Pergamum. 2nd largest to AlexandriaDay 3 Sunrise over Izmir, TurkeyDay 3 Celsus' library in Ephesus. 3rd largest in the world (remember the other two?)Day 3 Theater in Ephesus. One of the largest in the world. Paul was here.